Military & Law Enforcement Martial Arts Training Program

This Black Arrow Tactical course is specifically designed for U.S. Special Force Operators and Law Enforcement Specialists. This course bridges the gap between modern weapon technology and ancient, battle tested, true combatives techniques.

This course covers Primary Weapon Retention, Secondary Weapon transition to deployment and retention, Tertiary Weapon transition to Deployment and Targeting, Non Lethal Weapon transition to deployment and targeting, and Multiple Target Tactics.

Unarmed combat techniques are built around one sole purpose: to control the target’s threat value in order for the operator or Law Enforcement Specialist to make a successful Lethal or Non Lethal Weapon transition to Deployment.

Also covered in this course is Zip Tie procedures, Non-Compliant Prisoner Handling, Vehicle Extraction, Vehicle Deployment, and Fixed Weapon usage such as walls, corners, stairs, furniture, electrical cords, and rear view mirrors.

Jared Feierabend

Jared’s dedication to the combative side of the arts has gotten him recognized and regularly used by some of our countries most elite special force units.

Whether on the feet, on the ground, against a wall, in a car, with or without a weapon, Jared has an insatiable desire to investigate, learn and develop truly effective techniques and training methods.

If your goal is to train high level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from one of the most technical and skilled Black Belts in MN (if not the country) or real self defense from an individual chosen to teach and train America’s super warriors, Jared Feierabend is who you want to be training with.

Courses We Offer

Course 1: Approximately 1.5 Hours

  • Primary Weapon Retention with Blade as Tertiary
  • Secondary Weapon transition to deployment and retention
  • Non Compliant Prisoner Handling

Course 2: Approximately 1.5 Hours

  • Unarmed Control and use of force continuum
  • Unarmed Control to Secondary or Tertiary Weapon Deployment and Targeting
  • Non Lethal Weapon Control

Course 3: Approximately 1.5 Hours

  • Unarmed Control Counter Attacks
  • Unarmed Control Counter Attacks to Weapon transition to deployment
  • Turning the tide in Unarmed Control

Course 4: Approximately 1.5 Hours

  • Vehicle Extraction
  • Non Compliant Prisoner in a vehicle
  • Vehicle Deployment

Course 5: Approximately 1.5 Hours

  • Mass Attack
  • Multiple Target Tactics
  • Kit assembly